I'm officially starting a new segment on Cool on Purpose called Banish/Applaud. It is exactly as it sounds. I tell you ten things that should be done away with completely, followed by ten things that rock. Pretty straightforward right? Let us begin.


1. Douchebags with bluetooth headsets. Beam me up asshole.
2. The Israel/Palestine conflict.
3. Anonymous online user movie critics.
4. Painful shits.
5. Men with "feelings".
6. Kanye getting all the cool shit for his blog before me.
7. People hating on Kanye for broadening himself as an artist.
8. Houses with no art in them. Yeah, that Dude Where's my Car poster in your living room is sooo cool.
9. Sketchy people walking into 7-11s.
10.Unnecessary censorship.


1. My daughter Kairi.
3. Badasses.
4. GQ.
5. The holiday season being over. I'm so broke.
6. Jay-Z ft. Santogold Brooklyn (We Go Hard).
7. C.O.P. (the group). Our first single Concrete Jungle is out.
9. Good hip hop.
10.This list.

See ya Space Cowboys...

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