1. Runny noses.
2. Waking up early.
3. Blowout haircuts. There are concentrations in both Jersey Shore and Miami.
4. Direct TV when "searching for satellite".
5. Acting "hard". It doesn't make you cooler...just more of a dick.
6. Freezing cold weather.
7. Brendan Fraser movies.
8. Pessimists.
9. People not putting their shopping carts in the corrals.
10.Shit kids. Get his little, bad ass under control please.


1. Kid Cudi.
2. America.
3. Demetri Martin. His new show airs on Comedy Central this month.
4. Danny McBride. His new show airs on HBO this month.
5. Vicky Cristina Barcelona. One of my new favorite movies.
6. Lambrusco wine. I don't even like wine like that but Lambrusco is hella good.
7. Red Bull Cola. It's all natural! Seriously.
8. Gray jeans.
9. The video series for Heavenly Sword.
10.Touché + douche = douché. I'll be taking credit for that thank you.

See ya Space Cowboys...

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