1. Both the Dragonball and Street Fighter movies.
2. People cleaning your windsheild without asking and, in turn, making it dirtier than it was before.
3. The arresting of renowned artists for expressing themselves (i.e. Roadsworth, Shepard Fairey, David Choe, Posterboy).
4. Direct TV. Fix my shit.
5. People spreading rumors. Especially with no facts.
6. Ice.
7. Losing things.
8. Getting (unintentionally) high off permanent markers. My new art project uses a lot of black ink.
9. Misunderstandings.
10.Looking for parking.


1. Not working.
2. Sushi feesh!!!
3. C.O.P.'s new single I'm In Control.
4. Grown up games of hide and seek in department stores.
5. Big Sean.
6. The Rampage/Keith Jardin fight this Saturday.
7. Summer movies!
8. Solitary. By far the best reality show on TV.
9. The classy, new style of the Academy Awards.
10.Russell Brand. One of the best speakers of our time.

See ya Space Cowboys...

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