1. Planes. I'm pretty sure I almost died on all four of my flights earlier this week.
2. Overpriced drinks. Always pregame.
3. My friend Chuck moving away to Alaska.
4. People trying to sheist me. I'm not stupid.
5. Bandwagoners. If you like something, like it. Don't just do it 'cause everyone else is.
6. Girls crying during Marley and Me. You know who you are.
7. _________ of Love on Vh1.
8. Suit jackets that are cut too long.
9. Bootleggers.
10.Excessive loading while trying to do something on my computer.


1. Orlando. One of my new favorite places.
2. Drake.
3. Zack and Miri Make a Porno.
4. Spray paint.
5. Resident Evil 5. Every game should have co-op!
6. Sex.
7. River Monsters.
8. Taboo (the game).
9. Doing what people think you can't.
10.Rob Roy.

See ya Space Cowboys...

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