1. Socks with sandals. Really? Sandals in general actually, unless you're a fucking gladiator. Just a guess but, you're probably not.
2. Art that requires no skill to make. Just try a little at least.
3. Portrait tattoos, unless someone died and your tattooist is super good.
4. Closed-mindedness.
5. Cop outs.
6. Car maintenance.
7. People who are scared to say what they think.
8. Living in the middle of nowhere...unless it's your own private island of course.
9. Poorly made video game movie adaptations.
10.Computer advertising viruses. Now, just because, I'm never going to purchase your product. Ever.


2. P90X. It's been kicking my ass for days now.
3. Ligers. Some people still don't know they really exist.
4. People with dope style. Give people compliments once in a while for their effort.
5. U-N-I.
6. GQ. My favorite magazine.
7. Mexican food.
9. Making things yourself you would normally buy premade.
10.Sleepy Wonder coming away with three VRAs. Congratulations.

See ya Space Cowboys...

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