1. The G.I. Joe movie. Wow. Just, wow.
2. Rashaad Evans losing. However, congratulations to Machida. He is a magnificent fighter.
3. The word 'mandatory'.
4. People with mood swings.
5. Online anonymity. You're so tough when you're not within 'punch you in the face' distance.
6. The Tim and Eric Show. Fail.
7. Ignoring what's going on in Sri Lanka.
8. Flying when I don't have to.
9. Poorly thought out lists. keep an eye out for my list of 10 video games that are Cool on Purpose.
10.Mos Def being so underrated! Go look for his new album The Ecstatic coming out on June 9th. With production from cats like Madlib, J Dilla and Chad Hugo, you know it's gonna be fresh.


1. The fact that I'm getting married on the twentieth.
2. New Moon. It looks pretty damn good from the trailer and I'm a huge vampire fan.
3. Australia (the movie). I almost cried.
4. Andy Sandberg. I did not know he was that funny.
5. Indie music.
6. Ninja Assassins. A Wachowski brothers directed ninja movie. Yes please.
7. IQ test. I scored 140. I don't know how accurate that is though because I don't know that I'm that smart.
8. This guy is a monster. I'm training with my brother and some friends to see how many of these we can master. Check out his tutorials section.
9. UFC 100. Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir. I'm gonna predict Brock Lesnar comin' away with the win this time. Just post a comment if you have any predictions.
10. FLCL. If you haven't seen it, Fooly Cooly is definitely worth checking out.

See ya Space Cowboys...

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