1. People wanting everything without working for it.
2. Peoples determining how good a movie is based on its box office sales.
3. Complaining that NASA doesn't do anything. You won't be talking shit when they land a person on Mars.
4. Fake tans. Pale people look good too. Look at everyone from Twilight.
5. The fact that ABC and NBC usually have only one good show at a time...each...max!
6. Letting your kid leave the house looking like a bum.
7. Having a bad attitude. Does it really make you feel better?
8. Technology advancing so quickly as of late.
9. Bumpits.
10.Running long distances.


1. Quentin Tarantino's new Inglorious Basterds. Definitely in my new top ten favorite films. Absolutely brilliant.
2. My new iPhone. I didn't want to love it as much as I do. I could barely put that thing down to do this post. And, Cool on Purpose looks great on the iPhone.
3. This season of True Blood.
4. Free stuff.
5. The new Michael Jackson cover of GQ. It's the coolest Mike tribute cover I've seen.
6. Going to the arcade with friends. We need to bring it back.
7. Good surprises.
8. Technology advancing so quickly as of late.
9. Anything with bullets (that doesn't involve actually shooting someone).
10.Californication returning on September 27.

See ya Space Cowboys...

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