1. My grandma Bess passing away. I will always love you.
2. Ultramarathons. Much props to those that do them though. One hundred miles?!
3. Jumping to conclusions.
4. People biting unabashedly and obviously off of others.
5. Uwe Boll. How is he still making movies? He may be the only director with over twenty movies in which case all of them suck. Imdb it.
6. People who keep their style locked in a single decade because they think that's when they looked their best. They are wrong.
7. Doing things out of anger.
8. Saying anime is for 'kids'. See number 8 in Applaud.
9. Soggy food.
10. Making an existing property into a movie and not following the original's layout. Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li. Fail.


1. Surviving Disaster on Spike. It's like this show was made for me.
2. Nubian's Parasite. Check it out over at
3. Ingenuity.
4. Madonna's speech at the VMAs. It's one of the best I've ever heard.
5. Livewire the freerunner. He and Damien Walters have a youtube show that needs to be seen to be believed.
6. Dom Kennedy.
7. My Deviant art page. I don't have much up yet.
8. Ninja Scroll. It's almost too sexy and badass ... if there were such a thing.
9. Lady Gaga and Pink's performances at the VMAs. So impressive.
10.The Expendables. Even if it's the biggest showing of crap action fuckery ever, I'm still going to go see it in theaters. Getting all of the great action stars in one movie will never happen again.

See ya Space Cowboys...

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