1. Splatter starring Corey Feldman.  You have to see it for yourself here at I Watch Stuff.  I keep thinking it's a joke but I have a feeling it's not.
2. Corey Feldman.
3. Things not working when you need them to.
4. Out of orbit travel.  I'm going to wait at least a few years after it becomes commercial to try this one.  Something going wrong in an airplane is nuts, but fucking space!
5. The 'let yourself go uniform' for men everywhere.  An oversized polo shirt, jean shorts, a cap, medium length white socks and New Balances (although any running shoe will do).  Failsauce.
6. Disappointment.  Set your standards low, that way if something works out great, you'll be surprised (I would probably not do this).
7. Telling people you don't want the last slice when you really do.
8. Flying bugs.
9. The fact that babies always cry in vowels.
10. Motorcycle cruisers.  Laaaaamme.


1. Napoleon - "Keep on Hustlin'" ft. Nubian
2. Bored to Death on HBO.  Everyone is terrific in this, especially Ted Danson.
3. Matte colored everything.
4. The 100 Movies that are Cool on Purpose list coming soon.
5. Season 3 of Venture Brothers on Adult Swim.
6. Neil Barrett.
7. .  Everything animated.
8. Naming your son Falcon.  Awesome.
9. Ryan Leslie's new album Transition.  His first album was one of the best R&B CDs I've ever heard.
10.The new look of Cool on Purpose.

See ya Space Cowboys...

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