1. Bitch Slap.  I shouldn't have even put that in italics because I don't think it should be considered an actual film.
2. Men saying things are delicious when they're not talking about food.
3. Larry David's haircut.  Cut the crap Larry.  The jig is up.
4. Runny noses.  Appreciate your ability to breathe clearly while you can.
5. Poor sportsmanship.
6. Using Coors/Bud/Miller Light for anything other than beer pong (or flipcup).  Unless you wear sweatpants outside, then you've already given up.  See Carl.
7. DMX.  Fail.
8. (not to be confused with
9. Not stopping to help people on the side of a busy road.  If you're not in a hurry (which you probably aren't) you have no excuse.
10.Adult Swim, especially their music.  Why watch anything else at night?


1. Bossa Nova.
2. Game Informer.  I live by their reviews.
3. Slegoons.  Sweet.
4. New game.  Trying to throw a small object into your girls cleavage.  I scored two in a row with a strawberry laffy taffy from five  feet.  Win.
5. White Christmas trees.
6. DVR.  I can't go without it now.  What a genius invention.
7. Nicki Minaj.  She goes so ridiculously hard.  It's good to see a girl keeping up with the boys nowadays.
8. Egg nog. Bangin'!
9. Jai Alai.  Check out "The Return of Jai Alai" at The Art of Manliness.

See ya Space Cowboys...

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