Cool Conundrum - True 100%

Lion Thinking

Do you think it's possible that nothing can truly be 100%?  Much of what we know has been told to us by others.  We weigh the value of our resources (books, teachers, internet, TV) and determine the likeliness of it being true.  For instance, you probably weigh a textbook as having more truth value than Wikipedia.  At one time it was widely accepted that the world was flat.  It was even considered fact.  Of course now we know otherwise.  Have you ever seen a hot air balloon in person?  If you haven't, there may be a 0.000000000000000000001% chance that it doesn't exist at all.  But even if the slightest, most minute possibility that it could not exist is present, it is not truly 100%.  Even seeing something in person does not completely eliminate the possibility that what you're seeing is not true.  Further still, your reality may not be the reality of others.  As a matter of fact, others may not even exist and may be entirely your perception, heretofore even they cannot truly be 100%.  Hence the movie Identity.

See ya Space Cowboys...

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