The Pop Cult Prophet #3

I'm going to go ahead and call it.  The world won't end in 2012.  At most, a massive earthquake in the New Madrid seismic zone (which scientists say has a 95% chance of happening in the next thirty years) will annihilate the midwest.  Horrible true, but certainly not the end of the world.  Even that would be extremely coincidental if it happened in 2012 and not afterwards.  The problem lies in the fact that this area is basically not used to having earthquakes, therefore their structures are completely unprepaired for the onslaught that the earthquake will bring.  The poles could shift but I doubt it.  We would more than likely know of an aesteroid by now that could destroy the entire planet like the one named Apophis that could hit us in 2036 if it passes through a 600 yard zone called the "keyhole".  Google it.  Other than that, people will act stupid because they would have seen ten or so 'end of the world' movies in the coming years and fear will onset.  It'll be Y2k all over again.

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