20 Badass Comic Book Heroes that are Cool on Purpose - #19

Rogue badass comic book hero

Rogue - born Anna Marie

There's a reason why Rogue is the only woman badass enough to crack the list.  Her hippie mom disappeared on her as a child and she wasn't very close to her dad.  A rebel from a young age, she ran away from home as a teen and was taken in by Mystique and the Brotherhood of Mutants.  Rogue was actually raised a villain.  She's one of the only ones on this list who can say that.  She first realized her true powers (absorbing memories, powers and life energy through skin-to-skin contact) after putting her first kiss into a coma!  I've heard of 'love hurts' but damn.

She actually absorbed her ability to fly and super strength (which she maintained permanently) after intentionally absorbing Ms. Marvel's powers which put her into a coma.  She also has a precognitive ability that allows her know your next move before you do.  She routinely handles the dirty jobs with Wolverine, while Cyclops goes off like a pretty boy and acts like he's doing something.  She was also badass enough to hold down Gambit (who is a chronic ladies man) even though they could never actually do it because of her powers.  That's pimp.

If you missed the rest of the list, find it in its entirety here.

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