20 Badass Comic Book Heroes that are Cool on Purpose - #18

Green Lantern badass comic book hero

Green Lantern - born Hal Jordan

It's pretty unanimous that Hal Jordan was the best of all the Green Lanterns (there is more than one).  He was actually given the ring that grants him powers by an alien named Abin Sur.  Abin' spaceship crashed on Earth where he used his ring to seek out one who was, "utterly honest and born without fear" to take over his powers.  That makes sense because Hal Jordan was a test pilot, which I'm sure is in the top three most badass jobs on Earth (second only to raptor hunting and being a lumber jack).  That means he actually flies concept jets before engineers know they work.

Hal Jordan is also famous for his one liners which can make almost any man badass.  That, coupled with the fact that when the Green Lantern's brought in for a problem, you know it's serious.  He once had his ring thrown out of a plane, and jumped out after it!  He has no powers without his ring on in case you didn't know.  Green Lantern's list of powers is also ridiculous and completely based off of willpower.  His ring can basically produce pure energy and form controllable objects that can be both massive and insanely complex.  And by the way, Green Lantern doesn't just protect Earth, he protects the entire universe.  If you still question his badassery, think about the fact that Hal actually sacrificed himself when he died reigniting the sun!

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