20 Badass Comic Book Heroes that are Cool on Purpose - #17

Captain America badass comic book hero

Captain America - born Steve Rogers

Like most badasses, both of Steve's parents died when he was young.  An art student (stay with me), Rogers actually was denied entry into the military to fight in World War II due to his weak and sickly nature.  What does he do?  Sign up as a test subject for a top-secret government experiment of course.  He get's injected with Super-Soldier Serum and is immediately transformed into a shield weilding beast of physical perfection.  Though he's still technically human, he can actually bench press over 1000 pounds and run a mile in about a minute at 6'2", 240lbs. 
When most soldiers would parachute down into a war zone, Captain America would just jump out of a helicopter without one and immediately land in ass-kicking mode.  To top it all off, alcohol has no effects on him!  That means he can even out drink Colossus.  And what's not badass about a character whose costume is the American flag?  America... fuck yeah!

If you missed the rest of the list, find it in its entirety here.

See ya Space Cowboys...

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