20 iPhone Apps that are Cool on Purpose

20 iPhone Apps that are Cool on Purpose

People are always asking me whether or not they should get an iPhone and if they do, what apps they should get so that they don't waste time and money.  The answer to those queries are yes, and these in no particular order:

1. Brushes - $4.99

In my opinion, this is the best app I've ever downloaded.  You're probably thinking to yourself, "Why would I pay five bucks for an app when there are so many free ones out there?"  Well, Brushes is pretty much Photoshop on the iPhone.  Unbelievable.

2. Google Earth - Free

This App alone should be enough to warrant the badassery that is the iPhone's power.  It's better than what you'd think Google Earth on your phone could be.

3. Ocarina - $0.99

This is an unbelievably creative and clever app.  It turns your iPhone into the ocarina from Zelda.  Just blow into your iPhone's speaker and press down over the mimicked ocarina flute holes to out play Link himself.

4. Fling! -$0.99

Fling takes puzzle games and incorporates an entirely different dimension.  It's extremely addictive and has so many levels of difficulty, it may very well be the only game you need.  And you can try the free version first, just to make sure you love it before you buy it.

5. Guitar Tuner - Free

If you have a guitar, get this app.  It's the simplest guitar tuner you could possibly have and it's completely free.  I don't even know how to play and I use this to tune my guitar in seconds.

6. Angry Birds - $0.99

This is pretty much the definition of mobile gaming.  Since its release, Angry Birds has become wildly popular and is generally everyone's go to game for boredom.  This kamikaze style game is so extremely addictive, you might regret buying it with how much time you waste playing.

7. myWireless - Free

If you have an iPhone I'm just going to assume you have AT&muthafuckin'T.  Check your minutes and pay your bill the easy lazy way with the official app.

8. TouchChords - Free

I can tune my guitar perfectly with Guitar Tuner but that doesn't mean I don't suck.  Use TouchChords to help you act like you know what you're doing.  With a plethora of chords to offer, it even shows you what your fingers should look like at each position.

9. Urbanspoon - Free

Go out to eat a lot?  Use this cool little restaurant slot machine to find out where to go.  Hit the 'shake' button to get a random selection near you or just select what you're in the mood for (in terms of pallette and price) and Urbanspoon will do the rest for you.

10. Mixologist: Drink Recipes - $0.99

All you have in your house is vodka, ginger ale and Natty Ice Light.  What do you make?  Use the 'Liquor Cabinet' to select whatever you have in your house and it'll give you all the drinks you can possibly make with it.  The party app.

11. Evernote - Free

You're a disorganized wreck that always forgets at least one thing you were supposed to grab for you girlfriend/wife from the store.  Why not have your iPhone remember it for you?  Usually making shopping lists and "to-do's" are against a man's nature in whole, but Evernote makes it easy.  You can even leave voice notes and tag pictures.

12. Bank of America - Mobile Banking - Free

If you don't have Bank of America well, sucks for you.  Actually, just open an account and say Lion El Aton reccommended you.  Then, get this app and handle all of your finances on it.  Quick, easy and secure.  If you're in the military, just get the USAA app and see all your money come in a day before everyone else.

13. Pandora - Free

Everyone has this app.  It seems almost too good to be true... and it's free!  The best internet radio app lets you hear custom playlists based around your favorite artists and other artists like them.  Get this app, type in all the music I reccommend on Cool on Purpose and breathe your first breath of air.

14. Netflix - Free

Netflix on your phone pimp.  Don't play yourself.  If you have a Netflix account, you can literally watch everything available on instant queue while also adding new films to your DVD queue to be sent to your house.  Don't fall behind and finish watching that 147th episode of Lost.  Then go and add my all these movies to your queue.  You'll thank me later.

15. Google Mobile App - Free

Your stupid friend with a Blackberry taint keeps telling you how he doesn't want an iPhone because it's easier to browse the internet with a keyboard.  Put an end to his undeserved sense of self-satisfaction with the Google Mobile App.  All you have to do is open the app, hold the phone up to your mouth and speak your searches.  Try it.  It works way better than you'd think.

16. Street Fighter IV - $4.99

This is about as good as games get on the iPhone.  Street Fighter IV feels like a direct port from the consoles in this magnificently crafted 2D/3D fighter.  It's a bit expensive but compared to what you're getting, you're ripping Capcom off.  The onscreen controls are somehow not obstructive and work surprisingly well.  "You win!"

17. Facebook - Free

It's Facebook.  What more do you want?

18. OldBooth - $0.99

Make everyone you know look like a douche from the sixties with OldBooth.  Bring this to a party along with Mixologist and you're pretty much guaranteed to be the coolest person there.  It works amazingly well and it comes in a 'Lite' version for you cheapos.

19. Echofon - Free

I tweet, but I wouldn't go as far as to say I'm a twat, persay.  Therefore, I use Echofon, the best free Twitter app.  If you're not a Twitter maniac, it gets the job done.  Otherwise, get Twitterific.

20. Bump - Free

Oh, you thought I left it out didn't you?  Never fumble around trying to get a girl's number again (or look awkward/gay taking down your homeboy's number).  Bump is a must have on the iPhone.  Just open the app and 'pound it', 'give rocks', whatever lame ass term you have for bumping fists and the iPhone trades contact information with the other person.  It's like the business card of the future.

Updated on 21 April, 2011

See ya Space Cowboys...

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