1. Valdir Raupp and his ludicrous intent to ban offensive video games from Brazil.  Read the article at Game Informer beta now but be sure, I'll rant on this later.
2. DJ Khaled's video themes.
3. DJ Khaled's acting.
4. DJ Khaled.
5. Burger King's asinine decision to stop serving the "Angry Tendercrisp Chicken Sandwich" aka the "Only Thing Good on their Menu".  Every thing else they serve comes with extra failsauce.
6. The Kimbo Slice/Houston Alexander fight.
7. Infomercials.
8. Freezing fingers.  How can this be so ridiculously painful?
9. Filler episodes.
10.Jumping out, trying to sell me something at a kiosk.  No I don't fucking have T-Mobile.  Who just gets a phone on a whim without going to the mall specifically for that?


1. Beer Jesus.
2. Drake's two Grammy nominations.
3. Filet mignon.
4. Lucid dreaming.
5. Family Guy Presents: Something, Something, Something Dark Side.
6. All of Pixar's shorts debuting on ABC this December.  That's probably the only cool thing ABC has ever done.  Way to go guys.
7. Darksiders.  I'm pre-ordering this one for sure.
8. Ultimate frisbee.  It sounds gay but trust me, you won't be saying that when you're wheezing after getting your lip busted in a full speed collision.
9. Slow motion.
10.J. Scott Campbell's Fairy Tale Fantasies 2010 Calendar.  I'm definitely buying this.  Unbeleivable.

See ya Space Cowboys...

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