20 Badass Comic Book Heroes that are Cool on Purpose - #14

Superman badass comic book hero

Superman - Born Kal-El/Clark Kent

Most people know Superman for his goody-two-shoes attitude and tend to forget how badass he is.  Think about this; Superman is the hero of all heroes.  That's indisputable.  He's saved entire worlds, come back from the dead and is the leader of the Justice League.  We also tend to forget that Superman has to tone down his powers as not to destroy the world by accident.  One time someone pissed him off.  I don't know what happened to that guy. 
Other than getting his powers from the Sun and having only one weakness (kryptonite), Superman has inter-office relationships with Lois Lane and races the Flash around the world... for kicks.  They were so fast they were actually running on water!  At 6'3" and 225lbs, Superman has too many powers to list.  He is one of the first comic characters ever created and has lasted throughout the ages.  Superman is the only person who can truly walk around with an 'S' on his chest.  Except Bizarro, but he's fucking weird.

If you missed the rest of the list, find it in its entirety here.

See ya Space Cowboys...

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