20 Badass Comic Book Heroes that are Cool on Purpose - #12

Dr. Manhattan badass comic book hero

Dr. Manhattan - born Jonathan Osterman

Dr. Manhattan is the star of what I consider the best graphic novel of all time (Watchmen), and possibly the most powerful being in all of comics.  After a freak accident with an "Intrinsic Field Subtractor", Dr. Jon Osterman was transformed into a blue-skinned being with no finite limit on his powers.  He was actually seperated into billions of particles during the accident and put his self back together.  Talk about will power.  Explaining his epicness in my own words will not do him justice.  Rather, I'll enlighten you with the most epic quotes ever spoken from the doctor himself:

"I feel fear, for the last time."

"In January 1971, President Nixon asks me to intervene in Vietnam, something that his predecessors would *not* ask. A week later the conflict ends. Some of the Viet Cong want to surrender to me personally."

"We are all puppets, Laurie. I'm just the puppet who can see the strings."

Laurie Juspeczyk:  "Everyone will die."
Dr. Manhattan:  "And the universe will not even notice."

"Reassembling myself was the first trick I learned. It didn't kill Osterman... did you really think it would kill me? I have walked across the surface of the Sun. I have witnessed events so tiny and so fast they can hardly be said to have occurred at all. But you, Adrian, you're just a man. The world's smartest man poses no more threat to me than does its smartest termite."

All that badassery however may not have convinced you that Dr. Manhattan deserves to be on this list.  So in the words of my good friend Mark Houston, "He DP'd his own girlfriend."  That should settle it.

If you missed the rest of the list, find it in its entirety here.

See ya Space Cowboys...

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