The Coolest Tips Ever - 100% Cure for Hiccups

100% Cure for Hiccups

In an effort to make my readers cooler better people, I've decided to start a new segment called 'The Coolest Tips Ever!' (yes, including the exclamation mark).  I was going to call it 'Just the Tips', but that name was taken ungentlemanly.  And why not start by helping with the most pondered question in the history of mankind?  No, not the answer to life, the cure for hiccups.  I know, everyone says they have a cure but let's be honest, they don't.  I've come across a 100% cure that I've been using for months (I get a lot of hiccups) and it's worked... every time!  Check it out over at after the title link.  Try it next time you get hiccups and it will work, unless you do it wrong, in which case you fail.  It's actually quite simple though.

See ya Space Cowboys...

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