20 Badass Comic Book Heroes that are Cool on Purpose - #10

Batman badass comic book hero

Batman - born Bruce Wayne

Bruce Wayne is entirely human.  In fact, he's the only person on this list with no superpowers, and he's still a mainstay in the Justice League.  As a child, both of Bruce's parents were gunned down before him by a robber on the streets of Gotham.  In a vow of badassery, he swore to protect the people of Gotham from that ever happening to anyone again.

Good thing Bruce's parents were stupid rich because he inherited both Wayne Manor as well as Wayne Enterprises to help him along.  He knew badassery wasn't something you were born with so Bruce headed out on a journey around the world to learn the tricks of the trade.  He became an extremely athletic master of hand-to-hand combat, as well as a weapons expert (although he usually doesn't resort to guns).  Think about that for a second.  You take on a gang of heavily armed thugs with your fists and a utility belt because you don't like guns?  Anyway, Batman also happens to be considered one of the worlds greatest detectives.  While other superheroes are dealing with lame ass villains like The Hunter, Batman is fighting people like Killer Croc and this little guy named The Joker.  Yeah.  Keep in mind, Bruce Wayne is a billionaire playboy and he still chooses to fight crime every night - just because.  He'll solve an impossible crime, save Superman's life, take down a supervillain, and still have time to crack open a bottle of champagne on your monkey ass before he beds three supermodels with names that begin with the letter 'V'.  Batman's so badass I have to write run-on sentences just to explain him.

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