1. Sandra Bullock.
2. Infomercials.
3. Good Charlotte.
4. Animal print anything.
5. Moving.  Hire movers.  You will thank me.
6. Worrying.
7. Pokemon that weren't the original 151.
8. The recorder.   What a dumb instrument.
9. 90% of the Winter Olympics... especially figure skating.
10. People who don't use their turn signals.  It only takes one finger!  How lazy can you be!?


1. Archer on FX. It's like they made this show especially for me.
2. Tyler the Creator. He says the most offensive shit and I still love to listen to him.
3. The iPad.
4. Solitary 4.0. The best reality show ever is back.
5. Taquitos.
6. Toonami.  Bring it back.
7. The original 151 Pokemon.
8. Bayonetta.  It's like Devil May Cry meets God of War meets Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball.  The only bad part is the Japanese humor.
9. Janelle Monae's "Tightrope" ft. Big Boi.  You will dance.
10.Hurt Locker.  Unbelievable.

See ya Space Cowboys...

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