Men You Could Learn From - Brock Samson

Brock Samson men you could learn from

Everything about Adult Swim's Venture Bros. is awesome, but Brock Samson is especially so.  Other than having the only cool mullet on earth, he is also an O.S.I. agent with a license to kill.  He wields that ridiculous bowie knife because he refuses to use guns.  Yeah.

Whip ass.

Brock routinely kills people who attack the Venture family. Fighting should not be a common occurrence once you're an adult (unless of course it's in your job description). The times that it does come to fighting though, no one should ever want to test you again. Learn to throw a punch. Every guy should take some beginner's boxing lessons or martial arts to have at least a basic understanding of defense. You never know, you might be really good at it. Don't kill anyone though.

Quality over quantity.

Brock doesn't say much, but when he does, it's profound. Here's some dialogue from an episode where Brock has to update his expired license to kill.

O.S.I. Instructor: "Well, let's see here, Mr. Samson. On the driving portion, you totalled every car but the one you were driving; on the pistol range, you refused to use a gun. And, uh, oh. Hah! Yeah, here's my favorite: on the written, you drew a little guy with wings from the Led Zeppelin records."

Brock Samson: "Icarus. So uh... what are you trying to tell me here, little man? That you don't like Zep?"

Sometimes, less is more.

Stand for something.

The reason Brock is so good at what he does is because he has something to fight for. Whether it be the Venture family, his country, or the world. Find something you feel passionate about and stand up for it. It can be an ideal, your home, or even another person. You'll be surprised how good you feel doing something unselfish.

See ya Space Cowboys...

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