20 Badass Comic Book Heroes that are Cool on Purpose - #9

Rorschach badass comic book hero

Rorschach - born Walter Kovacs

Like most badasses, Rorschach's problems started with his parents.  His mother was an abusive prostitute and his father wasn't really around much so he was basically messed up from the start.  After partially blinding a bully from school with a cigarette butt, social services began investigating his home situation.  For some reason, they thought an abusive prostitute mother was unfit to raise a child so they put him into foster care.  After witnessing a string of horrible events, Rorschach took to crime fighting.  He actually wears a mask made from a fabric that Dr. Manhattan created which mimics the famous Rorschach inkblot test.  And so, a hero is born.  His only power is the power of badassery, because he has no problem killing criminals in as horrible a manner as possible.

Rorschach hates crime.  I mean, he really hates crime.  He's so right-wing in fact that he will not allow any leeway when it comes to right and wrong (ironic considering he is an outlaw).  He's actually a superhero in a world where costumed vigilantes are not welcome (illegal in fact).  The law eventually catches up to Rorschach and he's sent to prison where pretty much everyone wants to kill him.  Some idiot who obviously didn't know who he was fucking with attempts to stab Rorschach during lunchtime.  Rorschach responds by throwing a pot of boiling cooking oil at him and saying, "None of you seem to understand.  I'm not locked in here with you.  You're locked in here with ME!"  Then the guy dies in the hospital and the whole prison riots while Rorschach escapes.  The man is so uncompromising, he takes it with him to his death.

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