20 Badass Comic Book Heroes that are Cool on Purpose - #8

Marv badass comic book hero

Marv - born Marvin

Marv is a hulking, seven foot tall beast of a man who resides in Sin City.  Not much is known about his origins other than the fact that his mother appears to still be alive.  Marv follows a code of ethics that finds anyone breaking it dying at his hand.  He is extremely violent and has an err about him similar to a leading man in a film noir... only giant and horribly scarred.  Like everyone in Sin City, Marv doesn't really have any superpowers (unless you count his ability to stay straight-faced while dishing out horrible tortures to his enemies).

Marv is an incredibly strong and skilled fighter.  He's like the Brock Lesnar of Sin City.  He apparently also has no qualms with drinking gallons of alcohol while popping pills like Max Payne backstage at a rock concert with Keith Richards.  I think this, coupled with his bordering psychosis may be the reason he fed someone to his own dog... while he was alive.  Plus, anyone with a mug like that has to be badass.

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See ya Space Cowboys...

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