Lion - FTW! Mixtape

Lion FTW! mixtape cover art

The mixtape is finally here.

Download FTW!

Even though it's not an album, I believe 'thank you, thank you, thank you's' are in order...
Thanks GOD for, you know... everything.  Thank you to my wife Izzy for her support.  To Nubian for killing his verse on "WTF" and for sitting shotgun on this whole music trip.  C.O.P!  To my brothers Judah and Ras for listening to all my music (even when it sucked).  To Jahn Parker from Earmilk for keeping me on track.  To Agonie for mastering this project (look out for his The Key mixtape to drop very soon). To Kristee Arceo for coloring this bitchin' cover art I drew.  To Mark Houston, Gary Wilson, Jacob Concienne, Ashley Brittingham, Brendan Farrell, Greg Welch, Warren Barrow, Rudy Santos, Anthony Eichelberger and everyone else who gave me real feedback I used to arrange this thing.  And to my mom Queen and sisters Kiarra and Reina for being my mom and sisters.

See ya Space Cowboys...

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