Men You Could Learn From - Ari Gold

Ari Gold men you could learn from

Learn from everyone's favorite character on Entourage, Ari Gold.

Business is business.

Ari takes his career very seriously.  He knows all the right people and talks a good game which make his agency one of the best in L.A.  Be so good at what you do that your name gets around because of it.  Your career and your life will benefit.

Have a game plan.

Every time it looks like Ari is in a whole he can't possibly climb out of, he surprises everybody with an amazing plan.  Planning is so vital when it comes to doing most things properly.  You don't just open a business and not know what you're going to sell.  Always be one step ahead of everyone else, that way when shit hits the fan, you'll already be standing near the off switch.

Stay faithful.

I understand being faithful isn't for everyone.  To those people -- stay single.  For everyone else, nothing will break down the entire world around you quicker than cheating on your lady.  Ari knows he has a great thing going at home so he follows the 'look but don't touch' rule.  He's said that he, "loves liars but hates cheaters."  No one likes a cheater.

See ya Space Cowboys...

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