The Observatory - Killer Whales... uh, Kill

Killer Whale Attack The Observatory


Are we seriously still on the whole Sea World fiasco?  Have we forgotten that the Earth has just been hit with two devastating earthquakes and that scientists believe America is next in line?  Perhaps our full attention should be directed there.  Of course we should be saddened by the loss of any human life, but it wasn't like she didn't know the dangers of working with a wild animal.  I mean, it is one of the largest carnivorous animals in the world. It does travel in packs.  It does live in an environment that humans do not.   It even has 'killer' in the name!

Again, her death should not go unnoticed, but I believe an innocent child being shot and killed in Southside Chicago deserves the same media attention.  You don't see a panel for that on CNN.   All you see is Larry King discussing whales in captivity with Crocodile Dundee.  Don't act like you would have even discussed whales in captivity for another ten years if something like this hadn't happened.  Give Sea World a break.  Larry King shouldn't be concerned with dying from a whale attack.  He should probably focus his attention on old age.

 Looking down at Earth from space.

See ya Space Cowboys...

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