20 Badass Comic Book Heroes that are Cool on Purpose - #7

The Punisher badass comic book hero

The Punisher - born Francis Castiglione (Frank Castle)

Very few people accept less bullshit than Frank Castle.  Frank Castle was a former marine captain.  He learned pretty much everything he could learn in the military and even served in Vietnam where he was decorated with the unprecedented Purple Heart.  You know how many people have ever gotten that and lived?  Like, three... if that.  After returning from war, Frank and his wife and children witnessed the mafia murder of an informant.  Frank's family was slain for witnessing the crime.  Frank however, survived.  The mafia fucked up for obvious reasons and Frank Castle became the Punisher; one of the most violent heroes of all time.

The Punisher is much different than your average hero in that he doesn't mind threatening, blackmailing, kidnapping, torturing and killing people.  In fact, he embraces it.  He believes that it's the only true way to fight evil.  He works out and trains all the time to keep his body in top-notch ass-kicking shape.  At 6'1" and 200lbs, Frank can handle most situations.  Of course by 'handle most situations' I mean 'punch situations in the face'.  If that's not badass enough, consider that the Punisher has killed literally thousands of people.  Apparently now that his family's gone, he doesn't have much in the way of sympathy.  He's also been in prison more often than probably any other hero and he wears a skull (aka 'Death's Head') on his chest.  Much more badass than an 'S' anyway.

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