20 Badass Comic Book Heroes that are Cool on Purpose - #6

Spawn badass comic book hero

Spawn - born Albert Francis "Al" Simmons

Al Simmons was one of the top assassins for the CIA before he was brutally murdered by his own boss Jason Wynn.  They messed him up pretty badly before burning him alive.  Apparently, Al Simmons did so many horrible things during his life that he was sent straight to hell; do not pass go.  In a desperate attempt to see his newly widowed wife Wanda again, Al made a deal with the demon Malebolgia.  In exchange for leading Malebolgia's army to the gates of Heaven, Al would be sent back to earth.  Of course, making a deal with a devil will never work out how you planned.  By the time Al had returned to Earth, many years had passed and Wanda was now married to his best friend.  They also had a daughter in this time.  Add that on to the fact that Al's memories were only partially there and that he was completely disfigured and you can see why things weren't looking up for him.  On the bright side (not really) Al Simmons had now become Spawn.

Spawn is blessed/cursed with near limitless magical powers including the ability to heal from otherwise fatal wounds as well as a cape that is a living entity.  He also has the most epic costume in the history of superheroes.  He has a skull for a belt and flowing chains that act as an extension of himself, like a tail.  His costume has also been known to act independently to preserve the host's (Spawn's) life.  He lived with the homeless and became their "champion" by protecting them because he will not be accepted umong society.  Spawn is also known for being one of the most violent comic book characters ever.  He's been known to leave the corpses of criminals hanging by chains at police stations as well as leaving miscellaneous bodies at crime scenes everywhere he goes.  He attacks from the shadows and has little (see no) mercy for criminals.  He will eventually be the savior of mankind; a long way from eating and sleeping in dumpsters and killing common thugs.

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See ya Space Cowboys...

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