1. Gene splicing.  Unless we want the world to end up being a Syfy original motion picture, I suggest we leave the gene splicing alone.
2. Gravy.
3. Waking up early.  This is the bane of my existence.
4. Believing we are alone in the universe.
5. Being judgmental.  We're all guilty.
6. Being the only one around who realizes what's going on.
7. Child abuse.
8. Being offended by everything.
9. Thinking it's better for a woman to be "skinny" than "fit".  It's a bad example and not a good look.
10.People who ruin it for everyone.


1. Season 3 of The Boondocks on Adult Swim.  The most socially interesting, hilarious and insightful show on television.
2. Uncharted 2 and God of War III.  Easily some of the best games I've ever played.
3. The 2010 Crossfit Games in Aromas, CA.  Will Mikko Salo and Tanya Wagner be able to defend their titles of fittest man and woman in the world this July?
4. Giving six billion dollars to NASA.  I know a lot of tax payers can't see the justification in that now, but in the future, you will be thankful.
5. Stopping to help someone change a tire (if it's during the day of course) otherwise, at least offer to call a tow truck from the safety of your car.
6. The Black Keys.  They're new album Brothers comes out May 18.  So much soul even Shang Tsung couldn't handle it.
7. Convict Conditioning.  Do not let the sketchy title fool you.  Only a select few know about the epicness that is bodyweight strength training.  Everywhere this book goes it develops a near cult following and I and my crew are the latest to attest.
8. Sealabs.  I would love to live underwater... for a bit at least.
9. Tom Ford. .

See ya Space Cowboys...

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