Casting on Purpose - Captain America

Matthew Fox as Captain America casting on purpose

With a slew of new films based on comic books and video games nowadays, I always wonder who they're going to cast to play certain characters.  While some movies like Iron Man and Watchmen have their casting spot on, others leave me wondering.  Like casting Chris Evans in the new Captain America: The First Avenger movie for example.  So for a new segment on Cool on Purpose called Casting on Purpose, I delegate Matthew Fox from Lost to play Captain America.

He's the same height as Captain America at 6'2.  He's played a leader for six seasons on Lost.  He probably wouldn't charge that much as he hasn't starred in many films yet.  And most importantly, he looks just like Captain America.  Have him put on a few pounds of muscle and he's a go.  I'm not saying Chris Evans simply won't be able to do it (although his track record proves otherwise), but he's already the Human Torch.  Did everyone forget about the crapsicle that is Push?  Give it to Matthew Fox.

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