PimpArtworks Lora Zombie art

Steve Watson from PimpArtworks.com has just launched a 'Limited Edition' section featuring some of the most impressive new and established urban and street artists around.  I'll let him explain:

"Basically, (www.pimpartworks.com) is a brand new website which is dedicated to Urban and Street art, both traditional and digital styles. The site is completely free to join and the concept is we will promote, sell and manufacture works on the artist member’s behalf, who are entirely in full control of setting their own commission.

PimpArtworks id-iom art

Up until May 24 the site was completely Open Submission. We allowed it to evolve naturally itself. But we have now launched a brand new Limited Edition section which showcases exclusive works by Street Artists from around the world.

PimpArtworks Tesda art

There is a mix of some well known artists, both old and fresh, in with some more than capable up and coming artists who we have high hopes for."

PimpArtworks Eyeformation art

As you can see by the fantastic pieces featured here, you would be doing yourself a disservice if you didn't check it out over at www.pimpartworks.com .  Genius.

PimpArtworks Stereoflow art

See ya Space Cowboys...

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