20 Badass Comic Book Heroes that are Cool on Purpose - #4

The Comedian badass comic book hero

The Comedian - born Edward Morgan Blake

Edward Blake started his vigilante career early, as a teenager.  It appears as though he, at one time, fought for a particular cause against crime.  Eventually though, The Comedian became a mockery of society's so called civilization.  He believed that civilization was only a concept and that within all of us was a primal savage waiting to come out.  It was then that he began killing without remorse.  He used this theory of man's nature almost as an excuse to kill without being overcome by a pesky conscience.

Calling The Comedian a "hero", or a "comedian" for that matter is almost laughable.  Maybe that's the joke.  He did stop a lot of bad guys, but he also tried to rape Sally Jupiter, who somehow, had sex with him anyway after that.  She eventually had his child of whom he had no contact with.  He also killed a pregnant woman who attacked him who he'd 'allegedly' impregnated.  In his free time he drinks in excess, smokes cigars, and cultivates his bitchin' mustache.  He also wears what the creators call a "rapist mask" and has no real powers other than the power to not give a fuck.  The only thing not badass about Edward Morgan Blake is his middle name, which he eventually murdered in cold blood.

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