Men You Could Learn From - Dexter Morgan

Dexter Morgan men you could learn from

Learn from the killer killer himself Dexter Morgan from Showtime's Dexter.  He's a calm, controlled and patient hunter of bad guys, and also a family man who works for the Miami Police Department.

Plan Ahead.

Dexter goes through great pains to be painstakingly thorough and to ensure he's taken every precaution.  If you're doing something important, don't mess it up because of something stupid that you totally could have avoided.  Think it through and it'll make things exponentially less difficult.

Find What you Do Best...

...and do that.  Obviously I don't mean killing people, but something that you enjoy and have an interest in.  It's more likely that you'll do well in something if you care for what you're doing.  Dexter liked blood so he became a forensics blood spatter expert for the Miami PD.  Whatever it is, make it work for you... and get paid for it.

Think First.

Dexter always thinks what he really wants to say in his head before he responds.  Obviously, blurting out something before he thought it through could potentially get him into some serious trouble.  We're all at least a little guilty of this, and even though we probably won't get arrested for what we say, it could still end up badly.  Try narrarating your life.  It's fun and you'll rarely embarass yourself.

See ya Space Cowboys...

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