1. The new PT Cruiser.  Who signed off on that?  Owning one is the least cool thing you could possibly do.
2. Putting 'Z's in place of 'S's and writing 'the' like 'da'.  Really?  It's one more letter folks.
3. Hiccups.
4. Misleading (see: false) Youtube video titles.
5. People talking during the movie in theaters.
6. Getting a fountain drink with no straw.
7. Black licorice.
8. Shamelessly putting out crappy, movie based video games because stupid parents will buy them for their children based off of the title.
9. Stale anything.
10.Uniqlo.  Badass, low cost clothing for the fashionably minded.  Shop online.


1. Brandun Deshay.
2. Rick Ross' calendar.
3. When the previews are so good, you forget what movie you came to see and you get excited again when it starts.
4. Beards.
5. Disaronno.
6. Stop-motion animation.
7. Liam Bailey's "I Belong".  Wonderous.
8. Yoshi blades.  Cermaic knives FTW!
9.  This is what the internet is all about.
10.North Face.  A brilliant, German, rock climbing film Travis Kimoto put me on to.

See ya Space Cowboys...

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