1. Flat soda.  Only buy 2 liters if you intend on drinking them all at once.
2. Southern Florida drivers.  Everyone says they have the worst drivers in America; they don't.
3. Katherine Heigl.  I don't like anything about her.
4.  Landing primo.
5. Being tired drunk.  It's when you're so tired you take on similar qualities to that of a drunk person.
6. "Hidden" charges.
7. The amount of emails in my inbox.  I promise I will get to all of them eventually.
8. Stubborn old people who slow progress.
9. Movies that are "supposed" to be bad like Piranha 3D and Vampires Suck.


1. Inception.  It is without a doubt the best film of the decade.  I've seen it three times in theaters* and it's my second favorite film of all time.
2. Janelle Monae.  Futuristic cool.
3. My recent vacation to Miami.
4. The final season of Lost on DVD August 24th.
5. District 13: Ultimatum.  I probably just put you up on the best French action film you'll ever see.  Start with the first film though; just as good.
6. Rob Dyrdek's Street League Skateboarding premiering August 28th.  This is going to change skating forever... in a good way.
7. Adventure Time.  This is the best "kids" show on TV!  Shouts to John Roberts for showing me this one.
8. Salt.  It's not at all what you think and will completely blow you away.
9. Drumsticks... the ice cream, not the chicken you racist bastards.
10.Avatar coming back to theaters tomorrow.  I missed it the first time around and had to see it on DVD.  I'm glad the studios are money-hungry capitalizers so that I can see it in IMAX 3D.

* I've never seen another film more than once in theaters.

See ya Space Cowboys...

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