20 Badass Comic Book Heroes that are Cool on Purpose - #1

Wolverine badass comic book hero

Wolverine - born James Howlett

While making this list, I tried to think of who truly, without a doubt, was the most badass superhero of all time.  I tried not to be cliché, but there's just no getting around it.  When it comes to badassery, Wolverine is the epitome of the word.  He was born in the late 19th century in Alberta, Canada where he lived until adulthood taking on the name "Logan".  He fought in both World War I and World War II (alongside Captain America).  He was then captured by the Weapon X program for experimentation.  Because of his incredible healing factor and ability to handle unheard of amounts of pain, they fused unbreakable adamantium to his skeleton.  This, coupled with his animal-like senses and bitchin' adamantium claws make him well, Wolverine.

The thing with Wolverine that most people don't realize is that he can do pretty much everything (including pilot most kinds of aircraft).  Everyone generally knows of Wolverine's physical badassness, but often, his intellect is overlooked.  He actually knows at least eight languages which he's learned over centuries of living.  Even still, you shouldn't let his book smarts distract you from the fact that he's killed an uncountable amount of people.  He's also been known to hurt himself if it means getting at someone he wants to destroy.  During his stay in Japan, he becomes a master of almost every style of martial arts.  Bonus round!  Because of his ability to heal, Wolverine can also drink and smoke absurd amounts with little effect.  Beat that Chuck Norris.

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See ya Space Cowboys...

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