1. Burpees.  They're good, but they're bad.
2. Movie disappointment.  I would wish a surprisingly bad movie on know one.
3. Taking medicine for small ailments.
4. Having to pretend like you're doing something at work.  If there's nothing to do, there's nothing to do.  Don't pressure people to act like there is.
5. The fact that prohibition is still ignorantly going on.
6. Being overly paranoid.
7. Having poor instructions for something you have to assemble.  It's bad enough you sent me these stools in pieces, at least tell me how to put it together.
8. The WB.  This is the weakest channel ever.
9. Fearing the new.
10.An excess of first-person shooters.  Did developers forget that there are other genres?


1. Dressing up for the colder months.
2. CrossFit's Tahoe Throwdown.
3. The Walking Dead on AMC.  With this, Breaking Bad and Mad Men, AMC's doing work.
4. Good Fridays.
5. Regular Show on Cartoon Network.
6. Nurse Ash posting again.
7. Big Sean's Finally Famous mixtape.
8. This season of Eastbound and Down on HBO.
9. Progress.
10.Going to the movies by yourself.

See ya Space Cowboys...

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