The 13 Best Horror Films you’ve Never Heard Of

I watch a lot of horror movies, which is not a particularly easy task, because a large portion of them are truly horrible, and I don’t mean gross or violent, I mean cheap, poorly written, and badly acted. Horror might be the only genre where super low budget is acceptable, because film makers think as long as there is nudity, blood, and torture, people might not notice how cheap and lame it really is. There is no other genre that could get away with this. Can you imagine a super crappy poorly acted romantic comedy? No, they don’t exist, because NO ONE would watch them. That is the risk that one must take in order to successfully watch horror films that most people have not ever heard of. This is why I put together this list of my favorite 13 horror movies that you might have seen in the movie store but never watched or just plain never heard of. These are films that I found to be inspiring and attention keeping, and they have not received the attention they deserve. My hat is off to any filmmaker who works with the little they have to make a movie that is memorable and touches you emotionally, whether it’s frightfully delightful or disgustingly appalling. Here’s the list...

1. Timber Falls - I figured this would be a so-so same ol same ol killer in the woods flick. I was very wrong. This is one of the most suspenseful horror movies I had seen in a long time. It is very intense, and also has believable characters that you want to see win. This movie would be huge if it had a slightly bigger budget, and more recognizable actors, but the actors it has did an amazing job, and Brianna Brown is eye-candy enough to sit through this even if it wasn’t as good as it is. She is a blond bombshell. There is an episode of lost where two characters from this film had an appearance; it was really awesome. If you let your kids watch it, I recommend they are at least 10 years old. JK

2. Paranormal Entity - I’m not really sure how this movie was made and didn’t get in trouble for copyright infringement, but it’s a pretty fun copycat movie of Paranormal Activity that is more eerie than scary. Basically, after the mother’s husband dies she starts doing things as a way to innocently communicate with him, but it lets in evil forces, more specifically an Incubus who seems infatuated with terrorizing her hot and busty daughter. Incubus’, not the band, are known for terrorizing hot chicks in their sleep and eventually having sex with them which typically results in the demise of the female. Incubus’s are real A-Holes.

3. The Collector - This movie took me by surprise big time. The cover of the DVD makes it look like it’s about a killer Luchador, but it’s not. He just wears a creepier version of one of those masks. Basically, a man hard up for money robs one of the houses that he is working on, because he knows the owners are going out of town. What he doesn't know is that there is a torturing psychopath who happens to be a genius booby-trapper, in the house. This dude’s got mad killing skills though. The main character learns of The Collectors presence and tries to get out of the death house before he is found out. Very gory with scenes of extreme violence. Of all the new low budget horror films out there, this is one of the good ones.

4. Them - Them, is one of those perfect horror films that follows a tried and true horror formula to the T. This can be a bad thing if it comes across as unoriginal, but Them does an amazing job. The first 10 minutes let us see what kind of movie we are in for, then develops the characters, puts the protagonists in a creepy setting, then slowly builds suspense up until it is sheer terror. I do have mixed emotions on who the attackers are, but I do not hold it against this incredible movie that has some of the best cinematography I have ever seen in a horror film. The sound, the lighting, and the general feel of the film is perfect. If High Tension didn’t prove to you that the French can make one hell of a horror film, this will.

5. Troll 2 - This is kind of on here as a joke. I rented this after I saw the trailer for The Best Worst Movie. Watching this movie will be the best decision you will ever make. Really is a cult classic which took 20 years to get the credit that it really deserves. Troll 2 is the riveting tale of love, passion, family, evil, revenge, horror, and trolls turning people into human plants so they can eat them. It’s fun for the whole family, as long as your family doesn't get turned off by really stupid dialog, horrible acting, and silly hungry trolls.

6. The Hills Run Red - Bloody Hell! This is the kind of movie you watch and KNOW you've been watching a horror movie. No question. There are times when the acting and dialog is less than splendiferous, but the the shear horror, terror, and ghastly gore more than make up for it. Plus, I love horror movies that are about other fictional horror movies. It's like getting two for one. Plus there are hotties...with bodies.

7. The Burning - The Burning was written by the influential movie mogul and executive producer of many of my favorite films, Mr. Hollywood himself, Harvey Weinstein. The plot is a good one as far as summer camp slashers go. It never seems like it is supposed to be taken too seriously. That being said, the suspense and violence are not nonstop by any means, in fact there are some very slow parts of the movie, but there are scenes of the movie that are amazingly horrific with outstanding imagery. The way the killer looks and moves when he kills is the coolest thing I have ever seen. It is worth watching. Also a very young Jason Alexander, with a full head of hair, is one of the main characters.

8. The Signal - I cannot believe how amazing The Signal is, and that I've never heard of it until recently. This is such a well written/directed film that was written and directed by three men who each did a section. Each section is different, but contains the same feel and shows a continuation of the story. The Signal is NOT a horror/comedy. It is a horror with humor in it at parts. It is kind of zombie movie in a way except that it does not deal with the undead. Low budget, but not too low-budget. Overall, The Signal is an incredible movie which is entertaining, realistic, gory, artsy, and awesome. Also, I LOVE how the movie opens.

9. Amusement - I felt like I was watching an R rated version of the TV show a good way. Some parts didn't really make sense, but it didn't matter because it was very entertaining, and some parts are very creepy. That clown mask haunts my dreams. Also, Todd from Wedding Crashers is the killer, which I thought was awesome. And, there is some eye candy.

10. Cube - Cube had me trapped in an awed bewilderment all the way through. Truly an astounding sci-fi film. It starts off with a gripping beginning, and ends with an impeccable and utterly immaculate ending. I recommend Cube to anyone who doesn't mind a little death and chaos.

11. Zombi - Directed by Lucio Fulci this 1979 zombie flick is seriously the best Zombie movie I have ever seen. I didn't think I would ever say that after watching 28 Weeks Later, but there it is. And to think it came out in '79. Everything in it is perfect. Plus, the shark and the zombie going at it was the most awesome thing I've ever seen.

12. Suspiria - This is the most visually breathtaking horror film ever made, and that is not an opinion. The color and lighting is unlike anything you”ll ever watch. Also the music is haunting. It gets a little slow in the middle, but it leaves you satisfied. Suspiria paved the way for The Black Swan to remind us of how creepy ballet really is.

13. Seed - I don't know why this movie gets the kind of bad wrap that it does. It is sick and totally depraved, but it doesn't feel low budget, it is very intense, it was shot well, and if you are looking for a envelope pushing horror movie, Seed certainly is that. I actually did enjoy it. There are several scenes that will make you sick to your stomach.

Always dream, always create,
Stephen Martin

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