1. McDonald's commercials.  I'm not lovin' it.
2. Pressing Cool Blue on a Gatorade vending machine and getting Fierce Grape. I will fucking kill you Gatorade.
3. Wearing camo when you're not currently hunting or in the military.
4. Vending machines that don't take debit card.  Come on.  It's 2011.
5. People who think plastic surgery is a replacement for the gym.
6. Being afraid of success.  Don't be.
7. Famous people who don't deserve it.  You know who you are.
8. Wearing Vibram FiveFingers when you're not working out.  Really?
9. Disappointment.
10.Taco Bell.  You only think you like it... because you're drunk.


1. Season 4 of Californication.  My favorite show is back... with a vengeance.
2.  The American.  Personally, I think this is George Clooney's best film... and George Clooney has a lot of great films.
3. Vimeo's Video School.
4. Black Swan.  This is Darren Aronofsky's magnum opus.
5. Archer Season 2 starting January 27th.  The funniest show on TV is back.
6. The Inception app.
7. Playing chess with shots instead of pieces.  Kings are always Crown Royal.
8. Ong Bak 3 and Ip Man 2.  They both come out this month.  Watch them.
9. The Right Kind of BrowniesMustafa Abubaker and friends have a fresh new blog with exclusive interviews and content.  Don't sleep.
10.Demetri Martin's These are Jokes.  The funniest, clever jokes you'll ever hear.

See ya Space Cowboys...

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