The Shining - Mystery of the Twins Explained

What's up ya'll. It's been a while since I've posted on here, but I had to share this video because it will shake your foundation and cut to the core. The video is longer than most videos on this site, but please check it out because it is absolutely fascinating. OK... everyone knows that The Shining is an amazing horror film, and has proven to possess that sought after staying power that is just not seen that often (30 years from now no one is going to be studying Texas Chainsaw 3D) and when you watch The Shining it is not difficult to recognize the attributes of the film that make it so awesome. You are Cool on Purpose followers, so it goes without saying that real recognize real, HOWEVER... it has recently began to come to the attention of the masses that there are many, many additional reasons for its awesomeness that were unbeknownst to even its most loyal fan base, and a lot of these unveilings are thanks to Rob Ager and his website Collative Learning. Luckily for us he posts most of his in-depth film analysis on his YouTube channels which are "Rob Ager" and "robag88". It truly takes a certain type of mind to be able to watch films so intently and break them down to their bare frame. He is able to find almost every movie mistake, continuity issue, repeating themes and hidden elements, as well as give an intelligent theory of the intended meanings of them all. For example, he is able to show you all of the ways Steven Spielberg went out of his way to leave undeniable hints to the audience that E.T. is about a young boy finding a stray dog and pretending that it is an alien trying to find its way home as the boy's way of dealing with his estranged father living in Mexico and wanting to call his father to bring him home. That sounds wild, but it is clear as day once it's pointed out. I highly recommend that you check his videos out. Back to The Shining. The Shining is my favorite of the films that he has analyzed so naturally it peaked my interest the most, and this video I posted is one of several videos he has made on The Shining, and probably my favorite because he touches on so many different elements. His other videos of The Shining discuss how it is chock full of nonverbal communication, how there are continuity errors and moving props which were done on purpose, how the layout of the Overlook Hotel doesn't make any sense in order to disorientate the audience, and he points out the significance of differences between the film and the book. Lastly, if you really want to blow your socks off, hit up Google/Bing and YouTube about the connection between The Shining, Stanley Kubrick, and The Apollo 11 mission. Enjoy.

Stephen Martin
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