What's up! I've been meaning to post a CinemaSins video for a while now because they are some of my favorite YouTube videos, and the one they just came out with about Independence Day is brilliant. If you haven't heard of them, it's two guys (only one is seen or heard) who make a new Sins video every Tuesday, and the videos go through popular movies and point out continuity errors, plot holes, props and dialog that doesn't make sense, and anything ridiculous that they feel like pointing out, and it's done in a funny way. They are both huge movie fans, and they point out the sins of even their favorite movies, so it's obvious that they don't do this because they're cynical movie snobs or anything like that, its all in good fun. Also, almost nothing can get past these guys. Check out their channel, and remember  "no movie is without sin."

P.S. The last 30 seconds of this clip is priceless, so don't leave early.

Stephen Martin
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