Arik and Art

I am Arik.

I'm the newest contributor for Cool On Purpose, and I'll be heading up general arts. I'm something of a writing hobbyist, as I've written several personal blogs over the years, a weird post-modern Tumblr thing that we're all better off pretending never existed, but mostly a lot of hockey writing. In short, I might be new to this particular house, but the neighborhood is very familiar.

So how do I move from spilling all sorts of digital ink on the likes of Matt Stajan and Dion Phaneuf to talking Truffaut, John McCauley, Matisse, and rad tattoos? Part of it is simply education. I spent a decent amount of money on a degree—admittedly unfinished— in Studio Art (with a focus on film and narrative). And sure, that education is absolutely important and significant- but it informs my writing rather than driving it.

The fact is, I love narrative. Stories. Characters, plots, settings. These drive our human and emotional experiences, and in my opinion, they form the entirety of art, though not always in the ways you think. Still, narrative is more than the arts. It extends to the whole of human experience- especially sports. Watch any sporting event- it's filled with narrative: the player's histories, the struggle of the game, the flow of the season— they're all stories told to a captivated audience. Many of them are sheer and utter nonsense, but that hardly matters to the casual observer.

So like I said, it's all about the story. From the obvious media like comics, novels, television shows, and theater to the world of the higher and finer arts like sculpture, music, and even fashion. These all tell stories. The stories might be more muted or simple, or they might be infinitely complex, but they form us as people and form the majority of our experiences. They might be well told or awkwardly meandered through, but they're there. 

So how does this come back to me writing here? It's the perspective I write from. I love culture. I am constantly consuming it. Sometimes it's the tasty and easy to swallow bits of culture like the schlocky but fun Supernatural. Other times it's a complex opera or a collection of lithographs. I consume, I compare, I contrast, I analyze, and I love to share.

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