Inside Llewyn Davis - Opening Scene

In between films with large commercial success and instant like-ability, the Coen Brothers have been known to direct a film that seems much more personal to them, that I'm sure has much smaller of a budget and less input from studios. Inside Llewyn Davis is one of those films. This is a movie that I may or may not ever watch again due to its slow build up to a un-climactic ending, and its use of painfully dry humor, but I am very glad that I have watched it. To me it's like listening to a song where the singer expresses themselves in a way you wish you could, but couldn't find the right words. Everyone will relate to Llewyn Davis because we have all experienced the same pains and fears that he goes through, and that gives us comfort because it shows us we are not alone in our troubles.

My favorite scene in the movie is the opening scene, and it very well could be in my top five favorite scene openers of all time. It sets up the mood and tone of the film perfectly; maybe even too well because it displays in three minutes what Llewyn is going through better than the rest of the film is able to depict. I'm not sure how much longer this clip will be on YouTube, so I hope you enjoy it while it lasts.

It also has a pretty great opening line. "You probably heard that one before. If it was never new, and it never gets old, then it's a folk song."

-Stephen Martin

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