Last Week Tonight with John Oliver - Climate Change

I definitely understand the confusion over climate change and humans' affect on it. It can almost entirely be chalked up to "news" organizations making the reality of climate change seem like a more debated issue than it really is. Luckily, the ever so talented John Oliver is here to clear it up for us in a way that will help you erase any and all doubt about the reality of global warming. All of the world's most respected scientists including of course Dr. Bill Nye, Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson and Dr. Michio Kaku, as well as  NASA's leading climatologist (yes, that NASA) agree that there is no doubt climate change is happening and we are causing it. Arguing that global warming isn't being caused by humans, is the same as arguing that the Earth doesn't revolve around the Sun. No respected scientists agree with you.

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