Roaming - Kickstarter for The World's First Documentary Nature Series Shot Entirely on the iPhone 6 Plus

We at Firefight Films are proud to announce the Kickstarter for Roaming, the world's first documentary mini-series shot entirely on the iPhone 6 Plus. Our goal is to show people that you can film something truly amazing, regardless of what kind of camera you have. Help us get this project made by backing our Kickstarter and spreading the word.

Roaming will be a six-part nature documentary unlike any other. We'll take you deep into Alaska's forests, mountains, oceans and caves, and attempt to capture incredible footage of all the wildlife Alaska has to offer. Each of the six, 10-15 minute episodes will be narrated by the renowned James Gillies and will be released for free online. Roaming will also be the first documentary to feature music created entirely by a computer. An incredible computer program named Emily Howell created by acclaimed composer, author and scientist David Cope. Actually, the music in the above video was created by her.

Check out this brilliant video by C.G.P. Grey that talks about how Emily Howell and bots like her are taking over the world:

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